Thursday, November 19, 2009

Work in Progress

I am starting to workout my color scheme for the Reaver Jetbikes. The Kabal of the Black Heart traditionally is all black with Scab Red helmets and gold trim. While I am keeping to that design with my warriors, I wanted to make the jetbikes stand out more with red colors that pop instead of the drab muted bits. They are distractions right?
I settled on a rank color scheme centered around the natural banding of the model.

HQ: Archon (not shown) 4 red bands
HQ: Haemonculi 3 red bands in a row

Champion: two back bands, one front band
Blasters: one front band, one back band
Regular Bikes: one back band

I also play Dark Elves in Fantasy so I am taking all of the extra corsair bits I never used and converting them into raider weapons. All of the hooks and chains just scream slaver tools and I think it fits beautifully.

I will post pictures of the Haemonculi, Champions, Riders, etc once I finish painting the regular bikes. I need to add gold trim, edge the blades silver, and blend/shade everything.

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