Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dark Saim Hann 3.1

After tweaking my list I think it is ready for another game (against Orks today actually). The move to Punishers on the bikes is the biggest change, but I moved grenades around and other small details.

My biggest decision is how I want to work the Raider Squads. I leave them pretty light because I hide them most of the game, they are the only thing I reserve and when they do come out its right into cover. I would like to give the warriors Dark Lances, but then they cant move and shoot so I generally give them the Splinter Cannon. The game I want to play is hide until fifth turn then swoop in and steal objectives, but often I find myself dumping the warriors into cover and using the Raiders as mobile terrain, blocking paths and baiting to blow it up. Some games I wish I had the extra Lance, while others I am moving them half the time and the Cannon suits me just fine. I arm the Sybarites with Poison Blades because I like the models and the extra wounds are nice to have. I generally find when my warriors are in combat its not because I put them there, and the Agoniser being a 4 up translates into 1 unsavable wound. Poison Blades are much cheaper and I try to hide these warriors the whole game anyway.

With vect and his 2 disi's I made the move to 2 lances on the Ravager to have a little more anti tank at distance. I have 6 blasters and haywire grenades over 3 jetbike squads so the armor goes down quick, but dropping troops onto the ground from a distance just puts the pressure on before I can get there. I am hoping this is a smooth game, I have only lost to Orks once with Eldar (when I first started playing) and hope to squeak out another win today.

I will post my list and results tonight after the game.

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