Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dark Eldar vs Dark Angels

Another win tonight against Dark Angels and the list did much better than I had imagined.

6 Wins, 1 Tie, 0 Losses

A few thoughts on my latest list:
1. I switched the Agoniser on the Succubi to a Punisher/Tormentor Helm combo, much better

2. I tried 2 Disi and 1 Lance on the Ravager, I am switching it back to 3 Lances because I ran out of troops to shoot at. Vect with his BS6 dominated with Disi’s and then the Reavers are in CC so quickly that all I had to worry about was the armor. I figure that if I spend a turn shooting the Ravager at one target, I may as well ensure it is dominated adequately.

3. Haemonculi needs reroll hits for combat drugs (4’s & 2’s)

4. Succubui need reroll hits for combat drugs (4’s & 3’s)

5. I need an easy way to keep track of combat drugs on units; I may take some spare bases and create some icon printouts so I will not forget.

6. I will be shelving my Altansar army and making my Dark Saim Hann list my full time army for the conceivable future. Dark Eldar are just too good.

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