Monday, November 23, 2009

Dark Eldar vs Orks
2k Points, Seize Ground, Spearhead
Dark Eldar: 1, Orks: 0, Contested: 1

I deployed one unit of warriors into cover on the objective but my plan was to bait and switch bases from the start. I deployed Vect, the Ravager, and everything else went into reserve.

This game started with me whiffing two shooting phases. The first six lance shots in the first turn turned into three “cannot shoot” results on vehicles that had no intention of shooting. The next eight lance shots did not penetrate and the tide was upon me.

The game went further south when Snikrot and his Kommandos ambushed Vect and took him down. I had been slowly moving him six inches across the table lighting everything up and lost track of the table edge. That was a truly defining moment as I realized my mistake.

Nob bikers rode in from reserves on the edge across from my objectives taking out the deployed warriors transport vehicle without hesitation. I moved the Ravager 24” but it was destroyed the next turn by cannon fire.

Meanwhile, while I am playing the mission my Jet bikes are Turbo Boosting across the table from reserve onto the Ork Objective. The first group of bikes, after slimming down to six from a bomb dropped by a helicopter, assaulted a fat group of boys and destroyed the entire squad. They are promptly shot and killed with the Succubus remaining on turn 5, but my second group of bikes where able to kill the Lootas in one turn as well.

The last Raider stayed in reserves the entire game, and on my turn (since I went second) I simply coasted it onto my original objective (surrounded by Nob Bikers, Stormboyz, Zagstruk, etc) and prayed the game would on five. My second Raider was able to flat out onto the second floor of ruins and take his objective, winning the game.

The final roll was a two, the game ended with me holding his objective, me contesting mine. I had 519 points left on the table, seven jetbikes and two untouched warrior squads (one of which was about to be pwned if it had gone to turn 6). This was the most challenging win I have squeaked by with thus far.

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